When most people think of natural stone, they imagine ancient monuments and majestic landscapes.

The truth is, natural stone is incredibly versatile.

With the right know-how, any natural stone surface can be refinished to completely transform its look.

With a professional refinishing, a variety of looks can be achieved with any stone surface.

Old matte floors can be updated to a high polish finish.

A modern semi-gloss granite surface can be toned down to a smooth satin finish.

Travertine can be updated to a polished elegance.

Flagstone, slate and other surfaces with subtle coloring can be taken to new levels of brightness, with color enhancing sealers.

Hardscapes and pavers can be made to have a perpetually-wet look with the proper sealant.

Before you consider replacing your stone surfaces, contact the professionals at Natural Stone Refinishers to find out what options are available to you.