Stone & Tile Forensics

Inspections • Consultations • Expert Witness

With over thirty years in the stone and tile industry, Brian Cardone, President of Natural Stone Refinishing Corporation and Vice-President, Dorris Balsam, are Certified Forensic Stone Consultants with expertise in natural stone installations as well as failures relating to natural stone installations.

Clients range from insurance companies and contractors to architects, engineering firms and homeowners.

Services range from providing expert courtroom testimony to stone and tile inspections and analysis.

Stone and Tile Forensics is a new field in the stone and tile industry with very few certified practitioners in the USA. We offer an extensive list of forensic services that will enable you to make decisions regarding stone and tile that can have long-lasting impact.

Situations that we encounter include providing analysis and answers to questions such as:

“My stone suffered discoloration due to a fire. What can I do?”

“Why are the tiles in my recent installation coming loose?”

“What can I do in order to restore a monument?”

“My recently restored white stone floor has yellowed. Why?”

“What options do I have now that my stone installation is coming apart?”

Serving the Northeast United States, Brian and Dorris bring a deep knowledge in all aspects of stone and tile to the specialized field of stone and tile forensics, enabling us to provide the right answers and solutions to you.

Provided are stone & tile related examinations, evaluations and advisory services including:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Project Review & Analysis
  • Surveys
  • Job Problem Analysis
  • Installation Inspections
  • Specifications
  • Repair Feasibility Studies
  • Owner Representation / Supervision of Installations
  • Restoration Procedures & Recommendations
  • Insurance Claims
  • Stain Removal Testing
  • Historic Preservation & Conservation
  • Restoration / Maintenance Consultation
  • Façade Inspections
  • Sample Collection
  • Slip / Fall Testing & Prevention Programs
  • Fountain & Monument Investigations
  • Specification Writing
  • On-Site Testing
  • ASTM Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Boroscope Examinations
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Expert Witness

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