Essential Things To Avoid When Caring For Natural Stone Surfaces

Never-Ever Use Cleaners Which Are Not Specifically Created For Natural Stone Surfaces! 

This may seem obvious, but time and time again, we get calls and emails from customers who use cleaners which they assumed would be gentle enough for their stone, but were not.  If you are ever unsure, feel free to
give us a call or send us an e-mail to ask.  We are here to help!

Don't Use Abrasive Cleaners, Sponges, Or Pads! 

It's absolutely essential to avoid anything abrasive from moving across your stone. Abrasive solid & liquid cleaners, scouring pads, nylon coated sponges, and other cleaning items can dull or scratch stone surfaces. Once you scratch or ruin the finish on stone, the only way to fix it will be by refinishing it altogether.

Don't Use Scouring Pads On Natural Stone!

Keep Natural Acids Away From Your Stone!

There are a ton of recipes for homemade cleaners floating around online.  It may be tempting to try a DIY organic lemon & vinegar cleaning solution you found online, but the truth is all cleaners containing acid, no matter how "organic" or "gentle", can stain and eat away at (etch) the surface of many types of stone.  Also, do not forget that tomato sauce, olive oil and many other cooking ingredients can damage stone surfaces. Marble, travertine, limestone and onyx are a few of the types of stones acid will absolutely wreak havoc on.  Click here for a handy guide for dealing with accidents & spills.


Never Mix Cleaners! 

It may be tempting to try to come up with a concoction of a few of your favorite cleaners.  Any attempt to create a Frankenstein monster of cleaners is a great way to create unexpectedly damaging results.


Under No Circumstances Should You Ever Mix Ammonia and Bleach! 

It bears repeating... Under no circumstances should you ever mix ammonia and bleach!  When ammonia and bleach are mixed together, they create chlorine gas, which can cause respiratory problems, as well as irritate eyes and throats. In certain cases, it can be lethal! Regardless of how much you hate the way that stain looks, we insist you avoid potentially lethal cleaning techniques!!!


Avoid Vacuum Cleaners And Nylon Brooms! 

As tempting as it can be to quickly clean your stone floors with a standard broom, or vacuum, they can do long-term damage to floors. Plastic, nylon, and metal attachments can scratch surfaces. We only recommend using horsehair brooms.


Wondering what you SHOULD be doing to clean and care for your floors?  You are in luck! Check out...

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