Best Practices: Caring For Your Natural Stone Surfaces

Natural stone floors offer unmatched beauty. With this beauty, comes responsiblity.

Luckily, with proper care you can maintain the appearance of your stone surfaces for years to come.  With the proper knowledge, you you can also prevent or minimize damage when accidents do occur. We've outlined a few key "best practices" for you below...


Proper First-Aid When Accidents Occur: 

- First thing first, immediately blot the affected area and remove all remaining moisture and any additional debris. Highly absorbent and soft towels (such as terrycloth) are ideal.  Remember to never wipe the area and spread whatever has been spilled.

- Once the spill is removed and the area is dry, immediately flush the area with a mix of water and a PH neutral stone soap (do not use any other soaps).

- Dry the area immediately after.

- Repeat as necessary.

- If the stain is set, and will not come out, please  contact the restoration specialists at Natural Stone Refinishing!

Keep Your Stone Floors Free Of Dust, Dirt And Debris.  

No matter how much care you take to tread lightly, if there is dust, dirt, or debris on the floor, it creates a thin layer of abrasive material which acts like fine grit sand paper when you walk over it.  This can dull the finish on stone surfaces, and grime can accumulate over time.  Regular dust mopping and sweeping with a clean horse hair broom will keep the grit down to a minimum.  Keeping shoes and sneakers off your floors will also help keep debris away.

Marble Horsehair Broom Green Check

Protect Heavy Traffic Areas. 

We can empathize with those who do not want to cover up their beautiful stone floors.  Still, protecting heavily trafficked areas can be a key ingredient to keeping them in top shape for the long run.  Investing in non-slip mats and area rugs for floors, and trivets, coasters, and placemats for countertops and tables, can pay big dividends over time.


Avoid Vacuum Cleaners And Nylon Brooms! 

As tempting as it can be to quickly clean your stone floors with a standard broom or vacuum, they can do long-term damage to stone floors. Plastic, nylon, and metal attachments can scratch and mar surface finishes. Vacuum cleaner wheels can track debris from elsewhere onto your floors, which could lead to scratches.


When In Doubt, Contact Natural Stone Refinishing!

We are here to help, if you are ever unsure about how to care for your stone surfaces, please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail to ask!



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